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Glimpses of a Dream
Another Basket Case
Nirena was petting her cat, Nomad, a Tonkinese male with a platinum mink fur pattern.  The television was sporting some terrible Elvis mimicking commercial personality.  Nomad stared at the screen with mischievous aqua-toned eyes and twitched his tail to the off-beat rhythm on the tube.  "Man, these guys just don't get it, do they?"  He shut his eyes and promptly howled out, "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog..."
"Nomad!"  Nirena sent him sprawling off of the couch as she switched off the Tv.
"What?  It wasn't that bad, was it?"  The cat sniffed indignantly and bounced up the stairs to the loft.  She could hear him humming from the kitchen, where she now stood.
Shaking her head, Nirena picked up her books.  Intermediate Photography was calling to her, to get out into the field, to snap something for her portfolio, but she had other obligations to tend to first.  T
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Aranele An Lema - Chapter 3
The squeak of a wagon wheel finally woke her, as the noise had wormed its way into her dreaming.  She became slowly aware of the rhythm of the road and sat up, peering around.  Aranel had been nestled carefully in a makeshift bed of blankets, steadied by the surrounding stacks of boxes and crates in the back of the wagon.  She rubbed her eyes, trying to remember what had happened.
"I'm not asking, Rauogh, I'm telling you.  The little thing needs care and we'll be the ones offering it."  Chessa's voice brought everything sharply into focus.  "Who knows how long she's been out here on her own, starving, cold...RAUOGH!  Are you listening to me?"  The dwarf's tone raised noticeably and Aranel sank back down into her makeshift bed to avoid being seen.  They were discussing her as if she were a child!
"How can I not," the leader's amused voice drifted back to her slightly pointed e
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Things to Think About
Little kid crevices,
Ice cream
One tire, two tire, three tire, four
Towers of blocks and knock it back down
Patty cake
Tag, jog, tap, freeze
Spin the merry-go-round as fast as it can
Sand castles
A friendship bracelet to last forever
A sleepover for a doll party
Dress up
Eight candles on the cake this year
Nine candles on the cake next year
Climbing the monkey bars of summers and
Falling to the mulch blanket below.
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United States
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So again I've been away for a comes and goes in phases, but where last time was because I had moved to SC for the first time and was in and out of the hospital for sick time, this time was because we were engrossed in the house-searching process, buying our house, then moving into it!  Yes, that's right, we finally bought a house and moved our butts into a place of our own!  I love it,'s so nice to be able to control your own house temperature, invite people over, watch tv that you want to watch, and breathe without being buried in dust and fur.  

Anyway, my free time seems to have returned for brief bouts...and I'll be posting loads of new pictures of the house and yard soon!


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hentaibunnyinc Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2011
*peeks in* I was thinking about you the other day. It's been years since we talked. I'd like to alleviate that. Sooo. . . Hi! =P
GhoulSoul Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
soooooooo cute cat!!!! *ç*
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